#277 – East Lancs Railway Photo Locations 3 – Bury Bolton Street Station

Not being a station dweller, this is a place I tend to get on and off trains rather than take photos. The station itself is a pretty large affair, and has plenty of parking next door and across the road, even on busy events like Santa Specials. There’s also a buffet on the platform, and if you like your real ales, then the Trackside Bar is well worth a visit.

From a creative perspective, I’ve not yet managed to find a viewpoint that has captured my attention, but I’m sure there will be some if I cared to spend a little more time there. If you like front three quarter shots of trains, this is the place to be.

This one was taken on a 3P20 photocharter, and really made the most of the stations 1950’s ambience.

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