#276 – East Lancs Railway Photo Locations 1 – Roch Viaduct

As I mentioned in the first installment, there are few decent photo opportunities on the Bury – Heywood line. Certainly, the ‘ski-jump’ over the Metrolink can give some spectacular exhausts, but the area in the immediate vicinity is uninspiring.

This location is more pleasant. The line crosses a wide valley, going over a river and a motorway, by way of a viaduct, an embankment and another bridge. For photographic purposes, standing either north or south of the viaduct is most interesting, depending on the direction of the sun, and the composition you are after.

Park at the business park off the M66 Junction 2, walk along the footpath at the side of the embankment to the bridge on your left. Either go left, or make your way through the undergrowth ahead or to the right, depending on how you want to compose the image, and the direction of the light. Wellies are recommended as it’s likely to be damp underfoot.


From the South, looking North. This was late afternoon in Winter.


Same day, similar time, but from the North looking South.

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