#267 – Brymbo Photographs in Urban Realm Magazine

I correspond every now again with Mark Chalmers who shares an interest in urban exploration, and he recently asked me if he could use some photos from Brymbo Steelworks to illustrate an article he was writing for Urban Realm magazine . The article is a feature on a final year MA architecture project based on a theoretical redevelopment at Brymbo, and as he’d not been himself, he asked if he could use a couple of my pics.

So here’s the main one which looks OK, the other hasn’t come out as well, although it’s arguably a tad too dark to begin with. First double page spread I’ve had, which is nice.

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  1. Congratulations Andy


  2. teigl says:

    Echo Graham’s comment! I enjoyed the link to Mark Chalmers, he is an engaging writer. Loved his piece on the Cumnock and Doon valley.


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