#221 – Derelict Mills – Part 9 – Albion Mill


It’s weird and slightly perverse how some places that I’ve visited have ended up. The ruin that was Cheadle Bleachworks, a place that looked like it had been carpet bombed, ended up as luxury apartments, while this place, as sturdy and intact a mill as I’ve explored, ended up being demolished not long after I visited.


A record breaking explore

Situated in the small Yorkshire mill town of Meltham, I visited with the loudest man in urbex, Bungle. He’d spotted it and recce’d it while out on his motorbike, and had invited me over for a spot of saturday afternoon exploration. Like a lot of places, it looked like the pikies had visited and created some access by forcing a substantial door, which was just big enough to squeeze through. However, there was sod all left for them to scavenge, so the place was surprisingly intact, albeit almost completely empty.


A Proper Switch

It’s strange that the mill was ultimately demolished, as places like this are normally snapped up for conversion to apartments, and it’s not like it was even in a bad area, it was a perfectly respectable suburb of this pleasant little town. I guess the developers must have figured they could shoehorn more houses onto the site if they just cleared it and started from scratch, and the council must have been happy enough to give them planning permission. Maybe I’m taking a backward view in thinking that this would have been better off as a conversion that was sympathetic to its surroundings, rather than yet another estate full of identikit modern houses, but hey, what do I know?


Wool Scales


Floor Reinforcements


Round The Back. The building to the right wasn’t that old compared to the rest of the place.


Front view

2 Comments Add yours

  1. It’s a shame that’s been flattened


  2. Eddie Devall says:

    I echo Graham’s comment and as you said it was in such good condition.


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