#64 – Guesswork / bulb mode

Sometimes, you run out of pre-set exposure times on your camera and you have to resort to the ‘guess’ mode, AKA  Bulb. This particular scene was tricky as the big floodlight in the background kept being turned on and off, which made exposure a pain. After several tests, I ended up thinking f*ck it, counted to about 45 seconds (47 in actuality) and then had to be moved on as there was an engine movement right behind us. A spot of post processing has improved things by lightening it a bit, but I think it’s come out quite well in the circumstances.

Interestingly, there’s some noise in the sky, a consequence of using an ISO of 400, and making the sky a bit lighter. Yup, the D700 is good, but even it shows noise sometimes. I guess if I’d have used a lower ISO I’d have improved things, but by notching it up a bit allowed me to shorten the exposure a bit, useful when you are at risk of being moved on suddenly, or unobservant morons walking in front of your camera.

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