#6 – ARCHIVE JANUARY 2009: Revisiting old sites

I rarely go back to sites I’ve already been to. Several reasons – 1) I always feel I’m pushing my luck, 2) I try to see as much as I can first time round, and 3) there’s plenty more places to go.

However, I was after some easy explores for a college project, so I decided to revisit Huncoat Power Station and Griffe Mill, primarily because of their easy access and the fact they are uniquely photogenic.DSC_0237 v2-2

DSC_0330_28_29_tonemapped bw-2

At Huncoat I basically re-took my previous shots as I’d done them on film and I wanted some digital ones to practice HDR on. I got one or two new ones, but basically set is the same as before, as ultimately, there isn’t that much to see.

DSC_0289_7_8_tonemapped bw-2DSC_0325-HDR-EditDSC_0284-HDR-Edit16 DSC_0272_0_1_tonemappebw-2DSC_0257_5_6_tonemapped bw-210 DSC_0248_6_7_tonemapped bw-2DSC_0263-HDR-Edit-2DSC_0249-HDR-Edit

Griffe was different. When I went earlier in the year, nature was in full bloom and the trees and undergrowth, both in and around the place, almost hid it from view. Plus internal access was limited, not by security or boarding, but by what sounded like a million angry bees. I decided that a return visit in winter would be a better idea.


Inside what was once the weaving shed
Come January, what a difference! I could actually see more of the place and bits that were hidden last time. Plus the absence of angry bees and the removal of some of the trees from inside meant I could explore inside. OK, so there’s not masses to see, but it’s photogenic, and I like the fact that it’s still standing 80 after closing!

This was completely obscured from view last time. Not sure if it was to bring water down, or take steam up.




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