#4 – ARCHIVE APRIL 2009: Subtle Applications of HDR


Having visited Ivy Bank Mill once, I somehow felt compelled to return. Given the appalling state of the building, this was arguably a rash decision, but the place had something about it. I also wanted to return with a tripod as I had, in retrospect, unwisely left it in the car on my first visit. However, it’s a bloody great Manfrotto which isn’t terribly light, and if I’m unsure of access, I tend not to lug it round. Now that I knew how easy it was to get in, I had no such qualms.


I decided to bracket the exposures so that I could use HDR (High Dynamic Range) post processing. This uses software to blend the different exposures, so a tripod was essential to esnure the camera didn’t move. Bracketing and HDR was a good process to use in this situation because there was a lot of backlight which is a great way of washing out any detail that can be seen through the windows, and I think I’ve successfully retained some detail where there has been some.

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