#328 – Bridge of Change

I’ve posted before about the once-vast Leyland Motors works in Leyland. Its buildings sprawled for several miles from Lostock Hall right the way down into Leyland town centre, employing thousands of workers and manufacturing lorries for the home market and for export all over the world. Following privatisation it was bought by DAF who went…

#262 – Prestolite of Leyland

  I was quite surprised to stumble across this vast crumbling edifice, less than 10 minutes from my home, as most of the former Leyland Motors plants in Leyland had been cleared. Yet, sat behind rows of houses and a dense row of shrubs was this huge, wartime-era factory, now empty after its last occupants…

#110 – Grown Up Scalextric – One Way

I quickly got bored of photographing tarmac. I can do that in my street outside my house, so I looked for things that made this place unique. There weren’t too many, but there one or two things that made it interesting.

#109 – Grown Up Scalextric – Tyres

I don’t know why, but I was surprised to see piles of tyres at the test track. Turns out most of them were to indicate where manholes were, becuase the manhole covers had all been nicked. However, it did seem appropriate somehow.

#108 – Grown Up Scalextric – Armco

I used to have a Scalextric when I was younger, complete with banked corners,  cross-overs and all sorts. At around that time, this place was in full swing, testing trucks from the production lines at the nearby Leyland Motors Works. Since then, the place has gone into an irreversible decline, and like pretty much all of…

#27 – Inside Looking Out (1)

Prestolite. One of the few times I’ve had any success with a single image HDR. I still think it’s a bit overdone though,  just haven’t got round to going back and toning it down.