#602 – Meadowbank Salt Mine – Part 2

The mine is unusually long and thin, with not much surface infrastructure compared with a coal mine. That said, there is no need for a washery, and there is crushing machinery underground, so all that is on the surface is a long conveyor that takes the salt to a storage building where it is then loaded onto lorries for delivery, or taken to the off-site storage grounds just down the road. In addition, from the photographs I’ve seen underground, there does not appear to be any pit props so there is no surface storage required for them either, nor is there a rail connection any more. All in all, there really isn’t that much there on the surface compared to other mines.

So this is the view from across the river, I used my camera’s panorama capability which has turned out quite well (click to enlarge). Certainly, a long site like this works well as a panorama.

Interesting to see this view from the 1954 OS map of the area which shows lots of different salt works and railway lines, all of which have now gone. The top left is where the current mine is located, presumably part of Falk’s Works.

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