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I also post occasional articles on my main website Mechanical Landscapes. And I do mean occasionally – this one I’m linking to is the first one in three years! This one is an evolving list of urbex and industrial landscape books that I recommend. I own them all and some I’ve had for many years which means they are out of print and difficult / expensive to source. But not in every instance, so if you want to know where I get some of my inspiration from, then have a look…

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  1. That was a very good collection of books. Some of those I have, some of them I would like to have, some of them never heard of! And a couple of photographers I have written articles about (one of them got two articles).

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    1. andy says:

      Thanks Katriina, it’s quite an eclectic collection. Some like Michael Kenna are very well known and respected photographers, while Mike Guess is an electrician in a steelworks.

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      1. I must be a bit uneducated as I am not familiar with Michael Kenna’s work… 😦


      2. andy says:

        He’s only done three projects of industrial photographs, the rest of his work is minimalist landscapes, and it is that which he is best known for.

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      3. Okay, I am not into minimalistic landscapes… I think…

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      4. andy says:

        It’s worth checking out his 3 industrial projects – Rouge (the steelworks in Detroit), Calais Lace and Ratcliffe Power Station. Rouge has been reprinted recently and was a pretty big project. There are a lot of photographs in the book. But there’s quite a bit of it on his website.

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      5. I have to keep this in my mind, if I only have time… 🙂


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