#554 – Cowling Mill, Chorley

Cowling Mill is one of the few remaining textile mills in Chorley and was a typical South / Central Lancashire red brick mill. It opened in 1906 and ran until 1959, a time when huge numbers of local mills ended production. It got put into multiple usage for many years thereafter and began the inevitable long slow decline.

It was partially occupied until fairly recently. I used to be a member of the local kickboxing club here a few years ago and so went in regularly but never with a camera, alas. It’s been up for sale for a good few years and it finally sold recently, but it was always going to be the land that was of interest, not the mill which I’m told has structural problems.

It’s always been difficult to photograph due to it being at the bottom of a tree covered hill, and with a line of trees on the other side also. I did attempt it a few years ago but wrote it off as a bad job. One of these can be seen below. As a result, I took my drone along to get an aerial view and found that demolition contractors were on site, so it’s probably not long before it too will be another pile of rubble.

There’s not much information online about it, but a bit more can be found here.

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