#544 – Review of the decade – 2013

2013 was a very demanding year – my grandparents traumatic struggle with dementia and illness which resulted in my grandfather’s death in December, a change of role at work which saw me traveling overseas regularly and moving house (just up the road) – meant photography got shunted further down the list of priorities. I did manage to pay a few visits to see Wesley Street Mill in Bamber Bridge being demolished but that was all.

Wesley Street Mill – July / August 2013

Wesley Street Mill was only about ten minutes from home but it’s one I never explored. Not sure why, I just never felt moved to do so for some reason. As I passed it on the way home, I did manage to swing by a few times to get a few photographs during the demolition process. The site did lie empty for several years, but is now finally being built on.

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  1. The second black and white shot is a bit dramatic, melodramatic, so to speak! It’s my favourite of these ones.

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    1. andy says:

      Also my favourite! That’s a straight black and white conversion with no additional work, it was a fantastic sky.

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      1. It’s in fact one of those pictures that I got from you and is now framed on my wall!

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