#533 – Drone photography – Redcar

DJI_0087I’ve been to Redcar Steelworks a few times, and although it’s now nearly 4 years since the plant was shut down, the site appears to be largely intact from the outside (although I know some demolition work has taken place inside).

Attractive though it would be to hop the fence, I know from experience that security are on the ball and the area facing from the road is lined with CCTV and possibly passive IR so although some explorers have got in, I think the chances are now slim. I’ve also asked for official permission, but have been turned down.

However I know that sooner or later the landscape will start to change as they start to clear the site so it made sense to go and get some aerial shots while I had the chance. A slight complication is that the no-fly zone for the Hartlepool nuclear power station extends over part of the site, so I had to be careful.

Without getting too close to the blast furnace, the best views are from side on I think as they show the expanse of the site and the industrial landscape of the Tees behind, so I’ll just post these two photographs.

I will probably make one last visit and get a little closer – I had somewhere else to go after and had to be back in Lancashire mid-afternoon so I didn’t have that much time (or batteries) for bold experimentation!


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