#520 – Hotspur Press Again

A few more of Hotspur Press in Manchester, this time taken with a proper camera!

As I was visiting Manchester anyway, I thought I’d park in the multi storey car park behind as it would allow me to get a different perspective on the place. I wanted to capture the contrast between the new and old Manchester and I think that this says it all really.


There’s very little history of the mill (Medlock Mill) online and there is nothing in any of my books. What I do know is that plans have been submitted to demolish part of it and retain the main bit. From what I can make out, the sheds at the rear will be cleared and a tower will be built over that area and it looks like the river will be covered over to form a thoroughfare through to where the multi-storey car park is that I stood in.

My thoughts – I’m glad they’re keeping the mill largely as is, but not sure of that tower!





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  1. I love the top picture, shows so clearly the contrast between old and new.

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  2. andy says:

    Thanks Katriina, I’d seen the opportunity for the photograph on my first visit but couldn’t get in the car park as I wasn’t in my car (there are big gates on the car park that open only for cars), so I was pleased to be get exactly the photograph I wanted this time.

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