#488 – Manchester Mayfield Station 3

And so to the last few from Mayfield. Running the full length of the station and its platforms is a vast undercroft. Many old Victorian stations have these vast underground areas, some of which are accessible and in use some aren’t. For example, the area under Manchester Central – the former Manchester Central station – is now a car park, it while that is of brick arched construction, Mayfield is built on huge steel pillars and girders. There are a few arched vaults built into the north wall though, but I couldn’t figure out what function they performed.

Currently a large block wall bisects the undercroft into two giant rooms, I don’t know if this has always been the case, but either way it is a huge space. It is largely empty (apart from a very retro looking 1960’s diesel pump), although it has been used for a few events over the past couple of years and a small part is currently used by an arts group for something.

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