#487 – Manchester Mayfield Station 2


After closure, the site remained in Railway ownership and has been used as a location for numerous TV series. In 2005 it was hit by a fire, and in 2013 the majority of the huge roof structure was removed due to it being unsafe. A small section of framework was kept in place, probably to support a wall.


There have been many alternative uses proposed for this historic site over the years, none of which have come to anything. But the current one looks most like it will come to fruition, with the usual ‘exciting’ blend of retail, residential and commercial.


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  1. Keith says:

    Good cover and pics – the prospect of another ‘exciting’ shopping mall to replace this interesting dereliction is quite depressing.

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  2. Eddie Devall says:

    Yes great pictures Andy, utilising Manchester weather conditions well (lol).
    There may be compelling reasons why this cannot / will not go ahead but here goes. With train usage growing annually and forecast to continue so, at some point Piccadilly’s capacity for more services will be reached and thus be a bar on future growth. Would it not be possible to use Mayfield as an extension, via a connection to the elevated walkway, or even have it as a stand alone facility?
    Plans for ever more residential / retail / office and leisure use come and go, but surely the need for sufficient transport infrastructure trump that in this case.

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    1. andy says:

      Thanks Eddie. According to Wikipedia, there have been a number of studies to reopen the station but none have gone forward https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manchester_Mayfield_railway_station


  3. Eddie Devall says:

    Interesting read, thanks for the tip off. Surprised that there were so many proposals that I had never heard of. Then again I only began to read the MEN on line in recent times.

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