#475 – Telamon (Temple Hall) Shipwreck, Lanzarote 2

There are numerous reports on the internet  of plans to scrap the remains of the ship, with some quite definitive sounding plans from 2014 being posted: http://www.shipsnostalgia.com/showthread.php?t=90762#/topics/90762?page=1

There are implications on more recent webpages that the end is nigh, but as of my visit at the end of May 2017, no progress had been made. So if you’re on the island on holiday, call in for a look as it may not be there for much longer! 

The ship is easily viewable from a small beach that sits between the port and a power station, the location meaning that it doesn’t get many visitors or sunbathers. The ship is technically accessible if you have the wherewithal, which I didn’t, and I did see a couple of jet ski riders on some kind of tour pull up to it as I was leaving. It would have been good to have got some photographs of it from a different angle, but I’m not good on water, so I ruled out a jet ski, and the path down the side of the power station was home to some very large barking dogs that ran towards me as I approached (and then retreated).

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