#383 – Fiddlers Ferry Steam on the landscape


Driving back from Bolton Steam Museum the other day, I took the marginally more scenic route via Horwich. Chorley Old Road climbs quite high and is always a good spot for some pleasant views, but I was quite surprised to see the steam rising from Fiddlers Ferry Power Station near Warrington on the horizon. The freezing cold day was clearly causing some interesting environmental conditions in the Mersey area, and the still air meant the steam was rising straight up into the clear blue sky.

Unfortunately I was ill equipped for photographing it, with only a 50mm equivalent on my Fuji X-Pro, so this is a bit of a crop to compensate for the lack of focal length.

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  1. Jeff says:

    It is an even better view of the power station and N Wales from Rivington Pike as the sun sets in Winter.
    I must dig out my efforts. The main thing that people notice about the photos is that the Anglican and Roman Catholic Liverpool cathederals are clearly visible – 300 lens on Sony DSLR.


    1. andy says:

      Thanks for the comment Jeff. I should keep an eye on the conditions next time it gets really cold again and head over there with my telephoto. Going up the pike with my Nikon D700, tripod and 50-500 will be quite an invigorating workout!


  2. Eddie Devall says:

    When my granddaughter was very young I used to tell her that it was a factory for making clouds. Being a smart kid she soon sussed me out though.
    Its definitely one to watch out for from high places under the right conditions. Lets hope it is active for a good while yet.

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