Brymbo Steelworks Heritage Open Day



All that remains – the empty space in the background is where the main works used to be.

Brymbo Heritage Group have contacted me to let me know that they will be open on the upcoming Heritage Open Day on 27th September 2014. It starts at 1030 from the Brymbo and Tan-y-Fron enterprise centre, Blast road, Brymbo LL11 5BT.


As it was – the only buildings left are those on the far right hand side of the picture, at the end of the long building that runs across the lower half of the picture.

The group occupy the few remaining building on site, not much compared to what was there 30 years ago, but it is the most historic area of the site and the original blast furnace remains. I can assure you that it is worth a look and the guys who run it are all ex-employees who have a genuine interest and passion for the place, and to my mind that counts for a lot.

A few snaps from my visit in 2010 are here:




Flywheel pattern


Inside the foundry


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