#335 – theviewfromthenorth.org Backbarrow Pictures on the BBC

I was approached by the BBC asking for permission to use 6 of my photographs of Backbarrow Ironworks in a story they were doing. Only two were used in the end, better than nowt I guess.

The Ironworks site has been sold and some of the vacant land is going to be used for a holiday village, hopefully the remains of the Ironworks will be restored.

BBC story here.

Full set of photos on theviewfromthenorth.org are here.

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  1. Congratulations with showcasing your work on BBC. Even if only two photos were used in the end, it must have been encouraging.


    1. andy says:

      Thanks Otto, yes it was very nice to be approached as the BBC news website is one of the most popular news websites on the web.


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