#305 – Bad News From Brymbo


CIMG0145 If you’ve visited my website, you may have already seen this, but I wanted to spread the news through other channels as well.

I have had the following sad news from the Brymbo Heritage Group who look after the last surviving buildings of the Brymbo Steelworks site in North Wales.

“Due to the snow that we had over April part of the foundry roof and wall has fallen in, this also took with it part of the Carpenters/Pattern makes shop so the buildings are now in a very dangerous condition.”

As a consequence of this, the Ironworks is now out of bounds as it is too dangerous to even walk around. Come on people, please respect this request, I know exploration is a risky activity, but the last thing the Group needs is someone hurting themselves in there.

I will update this whenever I have more information.CIMG0160

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