#286 – East Lancs Railway Photo Locations 12 – Townsendfold

The spot by Townsendfold Signal Box is quite popular, and in the right light (such as above) can yield some nice results. It’s also a very easy spot to access and park at, which is always a good thing, especially if you’re not terribly mobile. It’s also possible to get a decent shot looking north (below), which is also a good reason to come here. I’ve never taken a set of steps, here, but it might be worthwhile to get a little bit of extra height – it’s reasonably flat, but rasing yourself up a foot or two is never a bad thing.

My favourite spot here though is a bit further south. It’s also a late afternoon location, due to the light, in fact there’s nothing really to be had in the morning as the east side of the line is not accessible. Head off down the side of the K Steels building on the footpath, then follow the path down the river, where the valley opens up a bit. I normally scramble up a small mound with some small tatty trees on to bring me to a similar height as the line, save looking up at the train.

I had the good fortune in the second one of these to be on location and waiting for the train, when another bunch of photographers arrived who had requested the driver give it some beans on the approach. They didn’t seem overly impressed that there was already someone there who would be able to take advantage of their initiative, but that was their tough luck, you can’t monopolise lineside spots, and I was there first (first shot below)

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  1. Like the tilt of the train in the top shot and the light and composition in the final one.


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