#283 – East Lancs Railway Photo Locations 8 – Stubbins

Heading north out of Ramsbottom, turn right after the garage on the right hand side. This will take you up past a playing field to a level crossing. This is a excellent place to catch the trains leaving Ramsbottom as they are working pretty hard to get up the incline to Rawtenstall. Some people venture over the track, but I’ve always felt that standing by the crossing gate gives the best view.

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  1. Lovely shots Andy. #2 has got to be my favourite – beautiful form and texture in the smoke cloud


  2. Tim Heslop says:

    There is an error in the directions… it should be turn right I think…
    Thanks for all the guidance on locations.

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    1. andy says:

      D’oh yes, you’re right! I’ll correct that now, thanks for pointing it out!


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