#282 – East Lancs Railway Photo Locations 7 – Ramsbottom Station

Ramsbottom station is a nice little to photograph, as it’s got some nice period features, especially since the addition of the wrought iron canopy over the up platform. This is adjacent to the main station buildings, and combined with the water tank and general platform paraphenalia, gives plenty of potential.

The station is a passing point for the up and down trains, and so trains will often spend some time in the station, which gives plenty of opportunities for photography. Arguably the most popular spot is on the footbridge which links the two platforms, either looking down onto the trains in the station, or looking the other way (north) at the departing or arriving trains.

During the winter months, when night falls early, the station is also a decent spot for night photography, but this only tends to be during galas when the trains run a litle later than normal. Either platform will do, it all depends on which way the engines are facing.

It’s also a good spot to indulge in some people photography, as the crew will probably be out and about, sometimes taking on water which is always worth watching.

If you get off at Ramsbottom for a bit, do have a walk up the hill into the town, and I can recommend the chippy half way up the hill on the left hand side – it’s always busy but very good!


Just north of the station, on the east side of the track, is a small garden area which runs alongside the track for a bit. It’s normally fairly well populated with photographers, especially on event days, but is worth a look.

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  1. Nice blue-hour shot at the top.


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