#281 – East Lancs Railway Photo Locations 6 – Brooksbottom Tunnel

A short walk from the previous location is one that I quite like, the entrance to Brooksbottom tunnel. Although there are various possibilities here, the best one seems to be on top of the tunnel entrance, offset to the west to get a nice three quarter shot, and the curve of the line going over the viaduct.

The classic shot from this loation, slightly cropped to get rid of the hi-viz clad dickhead who hopped the fence on the left and got in everyone’s shot. Not a popular chap with the dozen or so photographers I was stood next to, especially the slide shooters who don’t use Photoshop.

I’ve not found a better spot here, looking north at trains heading south is possible, but I’ve not yet found a satisfactory composition (below)

The other shot here is one that should only be attempted with permission of the railway, and that is from inside the tunnel. DO NOT TRY THIS WITHOUT PERMISSION. The following were taken on charters, with the permission of the railway, and with the full knowledge of the footplate crew, and we were accompanied by a working member of the railway. Seriously, do not do attempt these shots without all of the above criteria in place!!!

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  1. Like the final shot – the textures in the uplit clouds of smoke are wonderful


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