#280 – East Lancs Railway Photo Locations 5 – Summerseat

Summerseat has a small halt, and there are a couple of spots worth visiting. I must confess to never having spent much time here, mainly because the best spot is standing on the road on a bridge, normally with a line of other photographers, which isn’t my style, but that doesn’t mean it is without merit!

This is definitely a spot for trains heading north, as any that are heading south will be slowing down to stop at Summerseat Station, hence won’t have much exhaust. I also means that trains heading north will just be starting off from standstill for the uphill climb to Ramsbottom, so will be working pretty hard.


There’s been lots of excellent photographs here, but none by me, primarily because I’ve not really spent much time here, but this will give you an idea of what’s there.

How not to do it! A badly processed image, taken looking into the sun, of a train heading south.

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