#279 – East Lancs Railway Photo Locations 4 – Burrs

Burrs is a popular location and one that has changed over the past few years with the opening of a caravan park. It will be changing again in the next few years if the proposed halt is built, so it is worth visiting soon before some more unique photo locations are lost.

There are numerous spots here, and you need to factor in the light and the time of day to get the best out of this location. Burrs sits on the Bury to Rawtenstall stretch of the line and this runs north-south, so the east side of the line gets the best light in the early morning, and the west side in the late afternoon.

Presuming you have parked in the Country Park Car Park, you will approach the line past the pub. The area immediately before the steps Up the crossing over the line are a popular spot, but you really do have to get the angle right, and of course, this is definitely an afternoon spot.

Crossing over the line opens up a range of possibilities. Standing in the middle of the field is a geat spot to capture a sunset silhouette, you really have to wander round for a while to get the composition you require.

Be warned that this field can get very wet and boggy, at any time of the year. Boots or preferably wellies are essential for this location.

Another popular location is on the hill at the end of the field, looking south I’ve never really bothered with this spot myself much, as the background is now ruined by the caravan park. I found the best thing to do was use a telephoto, but it’s not a personal favourite due to the perspective being compressed by the lens.

Although I’ve scouted a number of locations around the old industrial complex part of the country park, none have ever really succeded in photographs, and I’ve yet to see anything of merit from anyone else. I’ve no doubt that there will be one or two diamonds in there but it will take a lot of experimentation to figure them out.

Taken from near the crossing, one of the classic Burrs shots.

Same spot in Winter, only the wind wasn’t in my favour unfortunately.

Sometimes all the elements come together though!

Taken from just north of the caravan site. Note the water – then entire area is notoriously boggy.

Approximately the same location, landscape format.

The classic Burrs sunset sihouette from the field.

A slightly different angle on things.

Always worth taking wellies if you’re standing in the field.

Taken from the hillside with a 70-300, hence the compressed perspective


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