#258 – Blog Recommendations

They’re nearly all listed in my blogroll, but here’s an overview of some blogs that I subscribe to:

Münchow’s Creative Photo Blog some really interesting posts on here on photography related creativity, a difficult topic to write about as I’ve found out!

alanclogwyn.wordpress.com Quarryscapes – Alan Clogwyn / Richard Alan Jones photoblog of the North Wales Quarries, a subject I find fascinating and one I’ve photographed myself. He’s also very enthusiastic about film, something I’m getting back into.

andybeelfrps.co.uk – monochrome photography of a very high standard. Instructive and inspirational, especially if, like me, you’re into your black and white.

therailwaymuddler.blogspot.com – some interesting posts and photographs on transport, history, industry and other stuff

geotopoi.wordpress.com – Graham Stephens photographs of his wanderings around, North Wales, Scotland and beyond. Some great photographs of some fascinating locations and interesting finds. Plenty of quarries, but lots of other stuff as well.

stevemccurry.wordpress.com – one of my all time favourite photographers, and he doesn’t even take pictures of the things I do. I’ve spent hours just looking at images on here, it’s superb.

martincreese.blogspot.com– well known railway photographer and charter organiser posts some excellent write ups of his charters and other railway photography.

http://artprofilesworld.wordpress.com – the work of some brilliant creative minds showcased here – not just photography, but art of all kinds. Several posts a day, and some of the stuff is mind boggling!

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  1. teigl says:

    Thank you, Andy…I am honoured to be in such distinguished company. I have been an admirer of several of these blogs for a while- Graham Stephen and Alan Clogwyn are old favourites. Others that you have introduced me to, such as Munchow, are very inspirational. I am rather severe on myself and my meagre photographic abilities, but Munchow makes me realise that it’s about letting go of expectations, allowing the enthusiasm to shine through.


    1. andy says:

      Thnaks for the comment, Munchows is a great blog, it’s well worth looking back at some of the older posts as well.


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