#244 – Belgrave Mills

I’ve had an IPad for a while and find it to be a monumental distraction – mine’s stuffed full of music, photos, games, books and various other apps. It’s ease of use and quick start up make our netbook feel like a Commodore 64.

One thing I hadn’t really tried out until recently were the photo editing apps. I knew there was a huge range of apps available for the IPhone and while I like the idea of being able to take a photo, edit it and upload it all on one small tool, that small size is limiting, and the phones are expensive  (and until recently, the IPhone cameras weren’t as good as my Nokia’s is, and possibly still aren’t).

However, I’ve downloaded a few apps and I’ve been tinkering with a few pictures. the results aren’t bad, given their price of less than a fiver (bear in mind that photoshop costs about £500, and Elements is about £70).  These apps have a decent range of functionality for their price, especially when used together.

The beauty of the package though is the portability. It’s possible to download images off the camera onto the Ipad, process them and then upload or display them quickly.  I know that this has been possible to do on a laptop for years, but the IPad takes it to a completely different level.

Ironically, the above image was taken back in 2005 using a film camera and the IPad hadn’t even been thought about! I don’t normally go for this kind of effect in post-processing, it was more of a what-if exercise to see what I could do.

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  1. What ipad app was this? I like the vintage look.


    1. andy says:

      I used picgrunger initially, then filterstorm for a few additional tweaks afterwards.



  2. nice distressed look


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