#236 – Best of 2011 Part 2


Misty paraboloids

The further I drove into Yorkshire, the foggier it became. In fact, I couldn’t even see the cooling towers until I was right next to them, and this was the site I was met with when I entered the site. Eerie.


Three Kings, Thorpe Marsh

As the fog cleared, the sun made an appearance, leading for just a few minutes, to an unusual tint to the mist around the cooling towers. Pity the foregound is boring.



Included in this selection as I took it on my cameraphone. I’d not intended going to the Ribble Steam Railway gala, but I was in the area, so I pulled in and had a look. Only had my phone on me, when I noticed the sun going down over the hill so I found a gap in the trees to see if I could get a ‘glint’. Not bad in the circumstances, but I’m sure the guy who came and stood next to me with a D700 would have got something a little bit better.


73129 at Burrs

I’ve seen loads of similar images from Burrs, but had never bothered to try and get something similar as I rarely visit this location. The raw file out of the camera showed some promise, so a quick tweak to the white balance and saturation resulted in this which I was quite pleased with.


73129 in Brooksbottom Tunnel

I’d never been in a tunnel before (except on a train), so the opportunity to go into one on a photo charter was not one to pass on. This turned out much better than I expected, and probably works better in colour than monochrome.

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