#234 – Super D Part 3 – riding the line

A few more random shots from the day!

Riding on the rear verandah of the guardsvan gave some different views than you’d get from sitting in a carriage. This is looking back down the line in Brooksbottom Tunnel.

Not sure how to describe these lights, but they are hung on the back and front of the train. This is the one hung on the back of the guardsvan, and is actually a candle, which surprised me.

A deserted Ramsbottom station. The canopy has greatly improved the station in my opinion, would be nice to have something on the other side, but I can’t see that happening unless another canopy becomes available from Network Rail. In retrospect, I should have straightened out the paper mill chimney on the left, but it’s probably going to be heading that direction anyway soon as the mill closed last year and has been largely demolished.

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  1. The top shot is very atmospheric. Nice work, Andy.


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