#213 – Style

I wrote about style a while back, and I was reading through my notebook last night when I saw this passage that I’d copied from an article by David Ward, the well known landscape photographer. Kind of echoes my own thoughts really.

“Style is the single attribute that proclaims the author of the image, yet strangely it is, like the photographer, invisible in any one example.

 Style is a trait that becomes apparent only in a series of images, despite the fact that what has been photographed may well have been shot on numerous occasions by numerous other photographers. The images may well have been made over a few days or over many years, but they are linked by the mind and vision of the creator.

 Photographic style arises from the individual photographers intellectual and aesthetic concerns. It reflects the substance of their work and isn’t simply a matter of surface appearance.”
David Ward

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  1. Yes – interesting thoughts.


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