#190 – Royal Photographic Society Portfolio Part 7 – The panel

Finally some pictures!!!!

I’ve been working on them for that long that I’ve now got some better images, but at some point ou have to freeze the selection, otherwise you’ll never submit. I’m considering pushing on and putting together a panel for the Fellowship, but that’s 20 images, and it sounds like they’re going to change the rules so you cannot use any images from the Associate panel, so it’s going to be a case of starting the process from scratch. But still, having trod the path once already, at least I have an understanding of what the journey entails, although the standard required for the FRPS is very high indeed.

Anyway, this is the panel, I’ve put them in order, but you’ll have to look at the Hanging Plan to get an idea of the layout.

And that concludes this series, hope it’s useful to someone out there!

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  1. All round great work, Andy. You must be very pleased with the final results and the outcome of all your hard work.

    I like the use of existing structures in the framing of some of the shots, especially the one of the shaft headframe through the window. Another favourite of mine is the (obligatory!) shot of the discarded item of footwear – I like the lighting and textures and the dynamic oblique angle.


    1. andy says:

      Cheers Graham – the framing of things in windows is a composition I often use, albeit with varying degrees of success. As for the footwear – everywhere I’ve visited there’s been some kind of footwear, I wish I’d photographed them all, there’d be a project in that!


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