#188 – Royal Photographic Society Portfolio – part 5 statement of intent

For the ARPS and FRPS distinctions, a Statement Of Intent is required to be submitted with the panel. Basically this put the panel into context and sets the scene in the minds of the assessors. It’s not difficult to put together, but it does need some thinking about.

As a professional engineer, I am fascinated by the structures, processes and machinery of industry. However, my lifetime has seen huge changes in the industrial landscape with the skylines of the northern industrial towns rapidly changing to something unfamiliar.

The past ten years have seen a quickening of this transformation, with changes in the global economy meaning that many traditional industries have all but vanished. These workplaces, once the hub s of their communities, lie empty, stripped of their assets and smashed up by vandals and copper thieves. An uncertain future awaits the buildings and their former workers.

In the gap between closure and re-generation, I have been recording these landmarks before all traces of our industrial past are erased forever.

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  1. Nicely put together, Andy. I’ve been enjoying reading these instalments of your RPS story.


    1. andy says:

      Thank you Graham, I’ll be posting the pictures up next week!


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