#174 – Astley Hall

Been busy recently with family and suchlike, so although I’ve taken plenty of photos of my 8 month old daughter, not much indutrial has been in front ofmy lenses. I’m busy writing various blog posts but have found that I’ve not got the photos I need to illustrate them online, grrr. So, here’s one from a trip to my local park, Astley Park in Chorley. I’d not bothered to take a proper camera, so it was cameraphone to the rescue again. I now think of it as a ‘mobile device’, something that slips into my pocket and can make phone calls, take photos and video, browse the internet, send email and text messages, and even act as a sat nav / google maps viewer. How did we manage without them………………..


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  1. That’s a lot of window panes! Nice composition with the foreground blanket of daffodils.


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