#172 – Beamish Part 3 – Black and White

Last in the series from Beamish and inevitably it’s some black and white’s. Yes, I couldn’t resist having a tinker to see what they would come out like.

The absence of any trains, meant a wander down to the station to see if I could find anything interesting. There was, but I couldn’t find any interesting ways of photographing them, so I had to think out of the box a bit (whatever that means?).



Thank goodness for live view! It’s not the easiest of things to use on a DSLR (well, certainly not on mine), but it does come in useful. Using the close focussing ability of the 28-105 lens, I focussed on the coal and chose a medium depth of field. It’d have obviously worked better with an engine in the background, but they were all locked up for the winter, but it’s maybe a composition I’ll look to use again in the future. And besides, railway photography doesn’t have to have a locomtive in it!!!

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