#171 – Beamish Part 2 – Abstracts

I’ve recently been re-re-reading ‘How To Take Your Photography To The Next Level’ by George Barr. It’s an enjoyable book that I dip into every now and again, and while I’d describe the author as an accomplished rather than an inspirational photographer, I do enjoy his abstracts, particularly of mechanical stuff.

With that in mind, I decided to see what abstracts I could find, as I’d taken along my lightweight 28-105mm zoom which has a useful trick up its sleeve – the ability to focus really close up. Abstracts are something I enjoy doing, I enjoy the challenge of looking at something and thinking ‘what else could this be’, ‘how can I look at this differently’, ‘what would it look like close up’ and other such questions. Do the photographs always work? Hell no. But it’s nice to do something different as record shot of some of these things are rather dull.

Although I’ve a tendency to convert maybe too many of my photographs to black and white, I’ve decided to keep these in colour.

Hanging iron things. Not too sure what they were.


This looked like an iron trough, but that sounds somewhat over-engineered. I suspect it may once have been the shell of a boiler?

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  1. Nice work, Andy. I especially like the DoF and textures of the ‘Hanging iron things’ (a grand title!)


    1. andy says:

      Thanks Graham, I’ve no idea what they are, so in the spirit of ‘Catchphrase’ I decided to say what I saw…..


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