#141 – East Lancashire Tornado Part 3 of 3

Another set up shot, but I’d faffed around with various compositions and shutter speeds without getting something that I was really happy with. So I left the rest of the gathered throng and went to look at the other locos, before coming back and trying again. By then everyone else was looking at Leander and the Black 5’s, so I found myself on my own with a bit more freedom to experiment with compositions. I wanted to include the rails of the adjacent track on so I used a 16-35 lens and hand held at ISO4000, to get the smoke looking like smoke and not mist. 

The wide angle lens allowed me to leave lots of space around the engine, and I under exposed as well to give lots of black so as to give the image a lot of contrast. The image is almost monochrome, but you might be able to pick out a hint of green on the engine and tender. Possibly my favourite picture of the night.

Here it is in landscape format. Sure, it shows more of the loco, but I think the first one works better using the principle of  ‘less is more’.

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  1. Yeah, the top image with the adjacent rails coming towards you and merging into the blackness does it.


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