#131 – Finishing Department

Sometimes as explorers and even as photographers, we overlook the stuff closest to  home and yet travel for miles to see other stuff.

Such was the case with this old mill near my house in Chorley. It’s literally 5 minutes away, and although I was aware it was empty, I’d never made the effort to go and look at it, even though the last time I drove past I noticed it was getting trashed (which means someone has created access and it is therefore explorable).

In all honesty it was nothing special, in fact I spent half the time keeping my eye on the access point as it was the only way in and out, and I didn’t fancy someone coming and securing the place while I was inside!

This was also the first time I’d explored without a DSLR, instead relying predominantly on my LX-3 compact, with a film SLR in my bag as I had a roll of film to finish. The LX-3 is a good choice for explorers due to its fast (F2) wide-angle (24mm lens), image stabilisation, and high dynamic mode which is great for retaining detail  in contrasty low light scenes, as in the image below.

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  1. What sort of mill was it?


    1. andy says:

      The history I’ve found on the place reads: Built as Pincock Spinning Mill in 1792 and closed in 1892. The factory was reopened as a weaving mill in 1896 to produce sateen’s, velveteen’s and Bedford cords, brocades and fancies. The mill closed in 1934 and reopened in 1940 producing checks, tablecloths and linings until it closed in 1954.

      I must get a gallery of images up on my main website – it’s not the greatest of places to explore, but it was so near my house, it was rude not to go for a look!


      1. Thanks for the extra information, Andy. Always interesting to know a bit more about these places.


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