#127 – A close shave!!!!!

A nice afternoon out in Liverpool, or so we thought…….

Half way through the tour, we were going over the large speed bump in Duke Street, when BANG, we’re thrown all over the DUKW as it jolts side to side, and the driver brings it to a halt.

Thankfully, no-one was thrown from the vehicle (easily done as there are no windows, and the plastic ones were originally rolled up prior to the accident), but four people sustained injuries on board, including my wife, and were taken by ambulance to hospital. Nothing serious, just a half inch cut on her eyebrow.

Not entirely what happened, and whether losing the wheel was cause or effect. Looked like a mechnical failure on the suspension to me, but someone was saying a bearing had failed.

Can’t fault the tour company so far, the tour guide was quick to give first aid to the unconscious lady, and they made sure that everyone could get home and that.

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