#125 – Tilted Compositions 2

Site of what was (I think) the Group 2 area of Royal Ordnance Chorley, now Buckshaw Village. It’s all been cleared and graded, this single lump of reinforced concrete is pretty much the only remnant of anything resembling structural engineering.

From a photographic perspective, the tilted compositions hasn’t worked here – a super wide angle lens would have been better (although this was taken on Panasonic LX-3 compact rather than an SLR, and it only goes as wide as 24mm), due to the way in which the foreground can be brought very close to the front of the frame, and the way in which the image is distorted. It just looks accidental, which goes to show that care must be taken when using this composition.

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  1. Graham says:

    Wonderful, unusual take on a landscape shot.


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