#88 – LX-3 High Dynamic Mode – More Samples

Took these in Edinburgh at the weekend. Couldn’t be bothered lugging the D700 round all weekend, so took the Panasonic LX-3 as it’s far more portable.

This was on the (former) Royal Yacht Brittania, and as it was late in the day, the sun was quite low in the sky. The sun was kinda hazy, but I though I’d see if I could shoot directly into it. It seems to have worked quite well, although some of the colours don’t seem quite right somehow. Still not sure why it always seems to default to ISO400, unless it’s something I’ve done?

This seems to have worked better, as it’s possible to make out the dockyard through the windows of the bridge, and it looks quite natural.

Couple more here in Edinburgh Castle, it’s managed to balance the exposure really well for the cannon, the aperture in the wall, and the background.

However, on this one, there’s some prominent halo-ing around the edges, not sure if it’s possible to tone down the effect in camera?

These examples seem to confirm previous experiences – the high dynamic mode certainly works, but the effects can be unpredictable!

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