#70 – When colour works…..

I’ve blogged a few times about how sometimes colour works best, and sometime black and white does. Here’s one where colour does.

I visited Jumbles Quarry deep in the Trough of Bowland with David Kitching (see his excellent website here), after failing miserably a couple of weeks back. Tracing the route of the old railway line, we found the abandoned quarry cut into the hillside. Given the lighting conditions, the colours of the scene didn’t have much contrast, and when seen in colour, present a nice, if somewhat limited range of tones. I’ve done a bit of a curves adjustment to add a bit more punch. 

I then converted to black and white, as much of my work is in monochrome and it seemed logical to add it to the body of work. But I really struggled to get something worthwhile out of the image that was in my contrasty style. It just looks ‘flat’ to my eyes, and in this instance, I have to concede that I prefer the colour version. A re-visit at a different time of year or in different light may yield completely different results!

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