#63 – new toys, old toys

My policy on camera equipment puchases is one of gradual upgrades, basically using spare money from overtime, backpay and annual bonuses. I’ve just bought this years purchase, and it’s likely to be the last for some time. And this is it, a near mint Nikkor 28-70 F2.8 AFS. It’s a HUGE lens, even on the front of the D700, which is a big camera body. I imagine if it was attached to a D40, the body would disappear!

And now for somethign completely different – a man with a tape recorder up his nose. Wait. No, that’s Monty Python. No, this is what I’m on about, a Canon Canonet Junior rangefinder. We’ve inherited this from my wife’s aunt, along with 2 other older cameras, but this is the most interesting and most usable. Well, it would be if it worked. The shutters jammed open, not sure if it’s a mechanical problem or if the batteries dead. Trouble is I’ve no idea where the battery would go, and I’m assuming there is one as it’s aperture priority, so must have some kind of metering. Just wondering whether to get it repaired, as it’ll probably cost more than it’s worth. Still, it’s a nice retro thing to look, at and it’s in great condition. The photos I’ve seen off it were really sharp, as you would expect from a 40mm prime, so it may be worth getting it looked at.


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