#58 – Paddy’s Hole

Fishing boats at ‘Paddy’s Hole’ on South Gare on the River Tees. I liked the contrast between the little harbour in the foreground and industrial Teeside in the  background, and of course the setting sun always makes for a nice sky:)

I took this when the light was fading rapdily, and as I didn’t want to start setting up the tripod and bracketing exposures, I handheld it and made a few quick adjustments in Photoshop. This involved masking the foreground up to the horizon and using curves to lighten it, then masking thebackground and darkening it slightly and increasing the saturation a touch.

This would be an ideal candidate for HDR, mores the pity that I didn’t bracket it. Still, I might yet give it a go using just the one exposure.

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