#56 – adding a bit of atmosphere 3

More steam trains! If on the off chance you read this blog regularly, you’ll have noticed a few recent posts of steam train pictures. I love steam trains, and have done for years, although I kind of drift in and out of photographing them. I enjoy the challenge of trying to make something creative and interesting, as I find front three quarter photos in railway stations boring. Where’s the challenge in that? Hence I trek up and down the lineside and go to night shoots to try and get something different.

This is an example of this. From a technical perspective, it’s rubbish. It was taken handheld at ISO6400, and even with a stabilised lens, it’s slightly blurred. But when I saw the scene ahead of me, with the glint on the tracks, the man walking between the locos and the steam swirling in the light, I knew there was a photo in it. Sure it’s not the greatest railway photo I’ll ever take, but I doubt I’ll take one with more atmosphere than this.

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