#54 – it doesn’t always go according to plan….

What’s missing off this railway viaduct? A train. The steam hauled ‘Cotton Mills Express’ was due to travel over it, unfortunately the engine failed at Preston, so they cancelled it. I didn’t find this out until I got home, having waited for well over 2 hours. I kept thinking, I bet it’ll come as soon as I walk back to the car, but no. Still, it was a nice sunny day, and it was a nice spot to wile away a couple of hours on a Saturday.

I thought I might as well get a nice photo of the bridge (Uppermill Viaduct). Exposure was a headache and I was glad I was using digital. When I got there, the sun was off the left side of the frame, but as time went on, it got further and higher into the frame. Exposure was constantly changing, and as I was shooting directly into the sun, I had to cut my losses and go for a near silhouette. A pity the train didn’t turn up, I’m curious to what the picture would have ended up like. It’d be an ideal afternoon location, as the sun would be in a totally different location. Still, I consider it a location scouted out for next time!

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