#17 – Compact Cameras, Part 1

What have all the above photos got in common? Well, nothing visibly, other than the fact that they were all taken with a small £150 Fuji compact. You don’t need an all singing, all dancing SLR to take a nice picture, it’s only when you want to start doing more complicated things that an SLR really becomes useful.

The way to use a compact camera is to play to its strengths and get to know how it works. They are little use for action photography as their autofocus isn’t great and there tends to be shutter lag, and positively useless for studio photography. However, they normally have the ability to focus very close in (macro) and this enabled me to get close enough to our cat Molly to get that photo.

For Sydney Harbour Bridge, I set the camera up on this miniature tripod I got from Jessops, for £7,  And gave it a 1 second exposure. I’d never have got that on my SLR as I’d have needed a much bigger tripod and there wasn’t room in the suitcase for it! As for Bangkok you could take that with any kind of camera. I didn’t want to take my SLR with me to the Grand Palace due to it’s size and weight (it was bloody hot), so I just popped the Fuji into my pocket and got some great photos.

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