#14 – Book Review – Henk van Rensbergern’s “Abandoned Places”

Although this book was only published in 2008, it is now out of print and copies were recently selling for £60+ on Amazon! I’m glad I got mine when I did and am kicking myself for not buying several copies now!!

The format of this book is superb, with each of the places visited having a one page write-up, and then several pages of (mostly) black and white photographs. As Henk is Belgian, the write up is in both Belgian (not sure which tongue) and English, and the write up is part history and part Henks experience of exploring the place.

 The photographs are of a very good standard – he’s not the best photographer of abandonment on the scene, but he’s up there with some of the best, and he’s had a lot of experience! He does have a good eye for detail and some of his compositions are well thought out. But they are very atmospheric and they help to convey a feel for the place. Whenever I explore somewhere, I always try to tell a little story, and I can see a similar style in Henks photographs.

Henk has been exploring for many years, and this book of photos is just a small selection of the places he’s been to.  He had one of the first websites of his photographs on the internet (Abandoned Places) and it was partly through reading this site that got me into exploration. He’s also had a number of exhibitions and I’ve heard that he’s going to do another book shortly. Not bad for someone whose day job is an airline pilot!

Click on the picture below to go to Amazon to buy it!

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