#1 – ARCHIVE JAN 2008: Getting Going Again, and HDR

Getting going again, and HDR

March already – and so far in 2008, I’ve done one explore (the Pickle Factory), and had one unsuccessful (site being decommissioned – couldn’t persuade security to let me on site, and there’s no other access. Yet.). Although this is the same tally as this time last year, I’ve struggled to get going, although I did spend all of January in Australia and New Zealand:)
Thing is I’ve got a long list of places to see, they’re just not very local. Central Lancashire is not a hotspot for exploration, and with a 20% increase in fuel prices, it’s starting to get expensive to travel long distances in the hope of getting in somewhere! Still, early days yet!

Managed to do some other photography in Manchester the other day – tried my hand at this HDR everyone is raving about these days. Interesting effect, I’m still in two minds about it, although I have gone for a bit of a full on effect here.

It will no doubt be useful when exploring as I’m often in very dark sites, and normally with a tripod, which makes it all the easier. I think the key to it is to keep the effect subtle!

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